Cocoa is not just a crop, it is a cultural heritage that connects communities, nations, and generations. From the hands that plant and harvest the beans to the makers who craft them into chocolate, cocoa has the power to create economic opportunities and promote sustainable development.

Coffee is not just a beverage, it is a global commodity that connects people, cultures, and economies. From the smallholder farmers who grow the beans to the traders who transport them across oceans, coffee trading is a complex and dynamic process that requires skill, knowledge, and collaboration.

Pineapples are not just a delicious tropical fruit, they are also a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and friendship that transcends cultures and borders. From the fields where they are grown to the tables where they are served, pineapples bring people together and create memorable experiences.

Did you know that bananas are technically berries? Unlike what most people think, bananas are not actually classified as a fruit, but as a berry. This is because they grow from a single flower with a single ovary, making them a type of berry. Additionally, bananas are one of the few fruits that do not ripen on the tree.